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2017 was quite a year.  Despite all the drama, trauma and homegrown insanity in the world – there was plenty of good to celebrate at Huntley & Co.  Leave it to design to keep our spirits up.  We’re looking back at a great year and looking ahead to even bigger and better things in the 12 months to come.  Stay tuned!


– Traditional Home Designer Panel –

I talked design, business and keepin’ it real with Traditional Home at the Washington Design Center’s Spring Market.  Sharing the stage with 3 smart, sassy blondes – Tori Mellott, Liz Levin and Maria Crosby – was a treat.  #blondedesignmafia

Traditional Home Designer Panel Spring 2017 Washington DC

Tori Mellott & Tricia Huntley   Tricia Huntley

Tori Mellott & Tricia Huntley

Photos by © 2017 Kaz Sasahara (www.lancerphotography.com).  All rights reserved.

– Washingtonian – 

Our petite pied-a-terre project at The Montrose was featured in Washingtonian magazine’s March issue.

Huntley & Co. Montrose project in Washingtonian Magazine


– Bethesda Installation – 

We redesigned and installed a family room in Maryland for one of our most beloved clients.  We had completed the majority of the house previously and have always enjoyed collaborating with the husband and wife.  The room had great bones, so we changed up the finishes and furnishings to complement its geometry and lift its spirit.  It lost it’s rigidity (thanks to plenty of sinuous shapes) and now has a healthy dose of verve.

Huntley & Co. project Bethesda, Maryland

Huntley & Co. project Bethesda, Maryland   Huntley & Co. project Bethesda, Maryland

Huntley & Co. project Bethesda, Maryland

– House Beautiful – 

I shared a favorite shade of green in House Beautiful‘s June COLOR section.  Bonsai Tint is the perfect summer hue.

House Beautiful June 2017

House Beautiful COLOR Tricia Huntley Sherwin Williams


– NOLA – 

In September I traveled to New Orleans for a design-filled weekend hosted by native Gretchen Everett.  We toured incredible homes, visited all the best antique stores, and of course, ate and imbibed.  It was fantastic!  The intimate view of New Orleans’ beauty and lifestyle had me seriously considering a move to The Big Easy.

Tricia Huntley NOLA 2017 Bremermann Designs   Tricia Huntley NOLA 2017 Kevin Stone Antiques   Tricia Huntley NOLA 2017   ann koerner Tricia Huntley 2017

Hope Goldman Meyer / Tricia Huntley photo 2017   Katie Koch Home / Tricia Huntley 2017   Appartique New Orleans / Tricia Huntley 2017

   Balzac Antiques / Tricia Huntley 2017      Marion Cage brass hardware / Tricia Huntley 2017   

Featured Above:  Ann Koerner Antiques, Appartique, Balzac Antiques, Bremermann Designs, Hope Goldman Meyer, Katie Koch Home, Marion Cage and Kevin Stone Antiques.

– The Celine in AD – 

My Celine Pendant for Ironware International was included in Architectural Digest’s list of things worth coveting.  Thank you AD – I’m a fan too! ; )

Celine Pendant Ironware International Tricia Huntley AD Magazine

Photo c/o architecturaldigest.com

I hope the holidays treated you well and you are excited to tackle the year ahead! 

tricia huntley

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** all photos in this post are my own unless noted as otherwise



I was in LA recently.  It’s the perfect getaway and has everything my heart desires — a warm climate, a cool vibe, a lush and luxurious urban landscape and all the shopping a girl could want.  It’s not called the “city of angels” for nothin’ people.  For designers, the LA scene offers gorgeous settings, lovely laidback staff and some of the best furnishings in the US.  Key streets are Highland, Beverly Blvd, La Cienega, Melrose Ave and Melrose Place.  Head to Blackman Cruz, JF Chen, The Window, Harbinger, Hollyhock, Nicky Kehoe, Kelly Wearstler, Galerie Half, Garde, Lief … to name just a few.  The east coast is unseasonably cold and Legends of La Cienega is on the horizon, so book your ticket for tinseltown today! 





Blackman Cruz


    IMG_4481      IMG_4440




JF Chen


IMG_4514-001   IMG_4533

IMG_4819   IMG_4565   IMG_4818


Galerie Half


IMG_4771   IMG_4768   IMG_4646

IMG_4661  IMG_4664   IMG_4581


Nicky Kehoe


IMG_4859   IMG_4857

IMG_4864   IMG_4880   IMG_4878

IMG_4586   IMG_4932   IMG_4889




IMG_4916   IMG_4956   IMG_4963

IMG_4993      IMG_5004    IMG_4985



And, of course, a little R&R is in store after pounding the pavement all day.  One night I met up with a pair of stylish LA friends at Estrella on Sunset to cocktail, nosh and chat about east coast vs. west coast life, business and girlpower.  The night ended with an impromptu manager-guided tour through the speakeasy-esque lounges and private screening room.  Fabulous.  


estrella    IMG_4896



Another night was spent at Wally’s in Beverly Hills reminiscing with a beloved sorority sister.  A chic, casual yet elegant vibe with a stellar wine list, amazing menu and, of course, the occasional short-skirted, silicone-injected woman in the corner snapping selfies.  Only in LA.





There are so many gorgeous hotels in LA.  But for this trip, I wanted to stay in the heart of West Hollywood.  The London was a fantastic choice.  Nestled at the corner of Sunset and San Vicente; it’s the perfect urbanite location with beautiful décor and superb service and amenities to boot.



IMG_5067   IMG_4327

IMG_4332   IMG_4340 copy   IMG_4366

London West Hollywood




HOTELS:  Hollywood Roosevelt, Chamberlain, Huntley Hotel, Palihouse, Hotel Bel Air


  DINING:  Lucques, Fig & Olive, Joan’s on Third, Son of a Gun, Norah (a must!)


 COFFEE:  Alfred and Urrth in WH,  Nespresso in BH


 HIKES:  Runyon Canyon Loop, Topanga State Park


 GALLERIES:  Honor Fraser, Blum & Poe


  CULTURAL:  Huntington Botanical Gardens, Getty Center & Gardens, The Getty Villa


 **  LA = LOVE AFFAIR and THE BEST OF LA // FASHION offer additional itinerary ideas **







I recently spent some downtime in LA.  And when I travel, I shop.  That’s just how I roll.  Shopping at home feels like a chore to me and I almost never do it (save my visits to Hu’s in Georgetown).  And it’s just so damn easy in LA.  You get in your car, you park RIGHT IN FRONT of the store, you peruse and chat with the nicest of people.  Then you walk out with a half dozen bags that you drop into your trunk.  So lovely … and um, possibly a bit too easy?



IMG_5900      IMG_5911

IMG_5908 - Copy      IMG_5910


IMG_4382      IMG_4376      j kayne

IMG_5032      Zero-Maria-Cornejo-Melrose-Place_Joanna-Walling-1      IMG_5039

Beverly Hills :: Maje, Perrin, Etro, Barbara Bui

WEHO :: Jenni Kayne, Curve, Kitson, Decades, Reurrection

Melrose Place :: Marc Jacobs, Eoldie K, Maria Cornejo, Carolina Herrera, Isabel Marant


And, of course, dozens more if your mortgage isn’t a concern ; )



** The next Luxe List will feature LA’s best of home & design.  And it is FABULOUS!


The Truth About Romance

Romance for me is all about atmosphere.  It’s not necessarily defined by luxury and indulgence (although that works too).  It’s more about a warmth that is at once alluring and thoughtful.  And it can be found anywhere … Listening to a sexy mix on Pandora; alone on a cold night next to a roaring fire; at a breathtaking art exhibit; overlooking a misty river; in a tiny shop tucked away in a gritty part of London; or, of course, cozied up with your loved one in a hotel suite for the weekend.  The misconception about romance is that it’s exclusive to those with a black Amex or a wedding band.  It may smack a bit of  “personal growth”, but romance is everywhere.  We just have to recognize it when it’s in front of us.


IMG_8488  IMG_3451  az  KAP_9648[1]  IMG_4637  IMG_0220  IMG_0317   R30A6931   IMG_6257  IMG_6182  Paola Kudacki & husband James Penfold - So Haute  peonies   pendant  fire45  park  IMG_0268


Happy Valentine’s Day from Luxe & Lucid, XO





* All photos c/o T. Huntley save row 3, image 3.  Thank you Paola Kudacki & husband James Penfold for being the sexiest, most inspiring couple on the planet.




Behind the scenes, spearheading a design firm is not all glamour and bon-bons.  The photos below illustrate how often I shift gears and how drastic those shifts are.  In a single day I may be generating spreadsheets, drawing in Autocad, conferencing with colleagues, hauling furnishings to a job site and attending an industry event in the evening.  9-5 and consistent this job is not.  But it’s always interesting and always challenging.  I exercise both my left brain and right brain on a daily basis (not to mention my biceps, quads and glutes!).  Problem-solving, schlepping, creating, collaborating … it’s all in a day’s work and a gift to those who love to hustle!


IMG_1276  PA080030  Montrose Site Visit 10.8.13 004  IMG1_9505Hicks+Huntley_2015Oct - Copy  IMG_9677  IMG_2693  in windowIMG_3467_2  LN THopu  IMG_2771  P5210020sIMG_4123  award  TH & TM  IMG_3818PB240018  2014Mar_45th photoshoot (122)  IMG_3110  photo 36P9210075 - Copy  TH at donghia  Tricia speaks for J Lambeth  IMG_5830

  I am fortunate enough to have enjoyed a decade of transformation and collaboration among the best and the brightest in the nation’s capital.  Wow and wow.  I will be celebrating this milestone with photos and features looking back on the past ten years.  There is a wealth of beauty, joy, work and laughter to share.



Dark and Inky

Halloween always inspires me.  I relish the drama and suspense of the holiday, not to mention the excuse to go a little goth and watch scary movies.  It’s always good to embrace one’s darker side, especially if you lean a little type A.  So with all my clean and tailored design tendencies comes a need for what I call “dark and inky”.  If you’ve worked with me or for me, you’ve heard me use this term.  I am always on the quest for the perfect murky green, garnet or ebonized-blue (and of course black).  Whether it’s a lacquered leather chair, a kick-ass pair of aubergine boots or a smokey eye for evening  – it just doesn’t get any sexier than dark and inky.


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Links and sources for these images and others can be found on the Luxe & Lucid Pinterest board.  Happy Halloween!




Sharks are certainly newsworthy these days.  Shark Week is in full swing on Discovery, JAWS  just celebrated the 40th anniversary of its release, and on a less inviting note, Carcharhinus have made the Outer Banks their summer vacation destination.  Yikes!

Surprising as it may seem, I am loving every minute of it.  Despite my lifelong fear of sharks, I am obsessed with the movie Jaws.  I admit this seems a bit odd for a land lover, professional aesthete and enthusiast of all things cute and fuzzy.  First, I love a good thriller.  Second, the cast is perfection.  Third, the cinematography (Spielberg, of course) is inventive yet convincing.  And fourth, the dialog makes it one of the most quotable films of all time.  Yes, I could go on and on.  As a creative person, I believe a piece of art is worth celebrating, regardless of the medium or subject.  So without further ado, here’s to the most fascinating and freakin’ scariest fish in the sea.



Rihanna, Bruce (aka Jaws) and Harper’s Bazaar magazine.  Has their ever been a better magazine cover?!



Quint, Brody and Hooper (Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss respectively).  Arguably the best ensemble on film.




clockwise from top left:  (1) electron microphoto of sharkskin, (2) Peter Benchley’s book cover, (3) a shark tattoo, (4) Givenchy’s shark tooth bracelet and (5) Miles Teller in a sharkskin suit.



clockwise from top left:  (1) shark belly button ring, (2) Givenchy Antigona sharksin-effect bag, (3) marble Squalo Sharkfin doorstops by James Irvine and (4) a 5th century Etruscan amulet with shark’s tooth.



clockwise from top left:  (1) Sharkie Heels from TaylorSays – so crazy I almost want a pair, (2) Sharkskin paint by Benjamin Moore, (3) the incredibly sexy Chevy Mako Shark II and (4)  the perfect cupcakes for a Jaws-themed party.



clockwise from top left:  (1) Ruhlmann amboyna wood desk with sharkskin inlay, (2) Sharkfin pie – yes please, (3) SunSwimPlay grey Sharkie hat for baby and (4) sharkfin cookie molds/cutters.


Links to these and other shark-themed items as well as JAWS film stills and movie quotes can be found on the Shark!  Pinterest board.


IMG_2459 - Copy (2) - Copy

Tricia ~~~~~~~^~~



Shopping for Christmas (Hanukkah, etc.) can be a blast when you find just the right gift for your special someone.  I’m sharing some of my “finds” for those of you who are still on the hunt.  Happy holidays!

 *   S c r o l l   t o   t h e   b o t t o m   f o r   L u x e   &  L u c i d   g i f t s  t h a t   g i v e   b a c k   *





Male or female, the key to buying a gift for this type is finding a functional object that is executed beautifully.

(L) Shagreen matchstriker  (C)  custom knife from Rockin’ One Knives  (R) UrbanEars headphones





Zebrawood Watch


Aquascutum checked weekender bag.




tocca    IMG_4117

luggage tag

Add something special to the carry-on of the woman who often finds herself on planes and in airports.

(L) Tocca perfume travel trio (R) silk earring cases
(B) Handmade and customized leather luggage tag





(L) Big Lick spoon rest  (C)  Barbara Kruger sunglasses  (R) Breaking Bad tee





‘Not Another Bill’
A gift subscription service customized to your or your giftees preferences.



Custom Fonts
Download interesting and original fonts onto your partner’s/parent’s/colleague’s computer.




   WHS     duck-rescue-collage     catsup-the-street-kitten_aspca

Donate to a local shelter or national animal rescue organization in the name of a loved one.

(L) Washington Humane Society  (C) PETA  (R) ASPCA

** Leave a COMMENT ONLINE and Luxe & Lucid will make a DONATION in your name to one of the organizations listed here. **


Light it Up

 I enjoyed some exceptional work days last week.  I was in Charleston visiting The Urban Electric Company.  Urban Electric is a lighting company with a distinctive vision, brilliant products and a stellar team.  I have been using their light fixtures in my designs for nearly a decade.  In recent years, I started to design custom fixtures for them to produce.  In an exciting development last year, UECo chose to select one of those designs for their permanent collection.  The “Huntley” was born as a sconce for a client’s Bethesda home and can now can be found in residential and commercial projects in the US and abroad.  As part of their BEHIND THE SCENES video series, Urban Electric invited me to Charleston to discuss the Huntley, my other custom fixtures and the method behind my design process.  UECo filmed while I toured their production facility, met with craftsmen and talked with the team about what inspires me.  I’ve shared our behind-the-scene shots of Urban Electric’s headquarters and the day’s activities in the photo album below. 




A sign that embodies Urban Electric’s stylistic heritage and the spirit of their manufacturing environment.


IMG_1264   IMG_1262  

Touring the metalworking areas with the Urban Electric team.


IMG_1276   IMG_1257   IMG_1254

Learning more about each process.  Fascinating.


      IMG_1241   IMG_1328

Lantern multiples prior to welding.  A craftsman at work.


IMG_1298   IMG_1330

Detailed finish work on the second floor.  Discussing the components of a custom piece.


IMG_1309   IMG_1305

Individual parts of The Huntley await assembly.  A finished Huntley sconce on the shelves.


IMG_1282   IMG_1290   IMG_1296 - Copy 

Pendants and lanterns from the UECo collection hang throughout.  Speaking with visionary owner Dave Dawson during the tour.



Filming the interview.


huntley_3   huntley_1   Huntley_Fenwick shoe salon

Huntley sconce installations including a Huntley & Co. foyer and a London department store.

(photos at left and right c/o The Urban Electric Co.)



Many thanks to my Urban Electric hosts for their gracious southern hospitality.

Tricia xo



Garnet & Goats

Hmmm, January.  This can be a challenging month.  The holiday sparkle has worn off, a little too much winter lies ahead and we’re all a whiter shade of pale.  I agree it’s tough to feel motivated when it’s cold and dreary outside and happiness is Haagen-Dazs and a Snuggie on Friday night.  However, I’m a January baby and a Capricorn which means I believe from problems come opportunities and there is still reason to celebrate a month as gloomy as this.  January can actually offer inspiration.  Not in an obvious way, but beneath the surface and outside the box.  As with so many things worthwhile, in January you have to dig a little deeper and work a little harder to get to the good stuff.



January’s birthstone is like no other. The deep crimson is at once sophisticated and sultry. It has undeniable glamour, yet totally lacks pretention.


earrings etsy red-garnet-pin-b1 islamic garnet ring

 Garnet jewelry is always dramatic.

Modern earrings by Caprichosa, antique Victorian brooch, Islamic ring,



lips - Copy

 This look from Gucci is all about the lips. I have been saving this photo since fall with the intentions of replicating it for a glamorous night.


 My current garnet pedicure.



A stunning garnet velvet I used alongside pastel fabrics in a Virginia living room.

 And speaking of fabric …


 The gorgeous drape of Zac Posen on Naomi Watts at the Golden Globes. She is always red carpet perfection.



 January is the month of Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways.  As a designer and architecture buff, I photograph a lot of gates and doorways … actually more than I realized once I began combing through my files.

 munich gate   IMG_0027   IMG_2739

 dc   157414949446075309_pCCiY9eI_c[1]   italy 2

 IMG_3123   Dubuque church door - Copy   dumbarton oaks_p. philip

 – all photos from my life and travels except central image –

row 1:  Munich, Los Angeles, Hempel Hotel

row 2:  Georgetown, Melbourne residence (via est Magazine), Italy

row 3:  Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Dubuque church, Dumbarton Oaks



 Although January 19 ended Capricorn’s (i.e. the goat’s) reign, it’s never too late to have fun with die ziege.

montreux 046

 We found these darling little guys in Montreux.

paragraphTH LN_2010Sep (174)   montreux 050   IMG_4339 - Copy

       If there’s one thing most of us like to do in January, it’s eat.  And Lord knows, I love me my cheese … thank you goats!  Clearly a girl who takes photos of cheese and cheese shops (as seen here) has a thing for chevre.

8940_1345944591_3   IMG_7505   screen

Goatskin (often referred to as vellum or parchment) is a preferred material of designers and furniture makers both contemporary and past.  I gravitate to it myself and have selected several furniture pieces for projects over the years.  Like wood or marble, its beauty is innate and born from nature; it can’t be faked.

 Furnishings for DC, Switzerland and London Huntley & Co. projects respectively.



The colors of winter may seem a bit solemn, but they translate beautifully.

 white on white bedroom  Puro Hotel Mallorca

White, grey and pale works in a stark, ethereal European bedroom or in a bar/restaurant on Mallorca.

vermeil rings_mathilde denglade

Moonstone and black onyx rings by Mathilde Danglade.


bw golf swing   184155072234807101_eP9J9vUi_c[1]

The concept of black and white in art stretches beyond the medium of photography.

A painting by Picasso, a photo study of a golf swing and a neon installation by Glenn Ligon.


sled dogs

 Perhaps the only thing that could entice me to spend an afternoon in subzero temperatures – beautiful, beguiling and utterly happy sled dogs.

Happy January.  Hopefully your new year is off to a good start!

Tricia xo