Bespoke, turn-key interiors are a signature of Huntley & Co.  First, the architectural envelope and materials are perfected.  Next, we turn our process to furnishings and softgoods that complement the space and the client and are unique to the project.  Lots of love and labor goes into the design, drawing and specification of these goods.



          // Living Room channel-back chairs

                We custom designed a pair of channel back lounge chairs to maximize flow, circulation and style.  Visits to the workroom gave us the opportunity to make adjustments to the design, layout fabric and to monitor progress.


workroom process

L to R:  Leg finish selections; our chair frame gets mocked up in muslin; laying out the large scale fabric.


          // Living Room armoire

               We source a lot of antique and vintage furnishings for our projects.  Sometimes, however, these pieces need modifications to “fit”.  This armoire was the perfect scale for the open concept living area and provided much needed storage, but modification to the finish and interior were necessary.  New hardware and shirred curtains turned this beauty into functional storage.


huntley & co furnishings process

L to R: Removing the old finish; specifying all the new details; installation in progress.


  // Master Bedroom canopy bed

                Each project has its share of logistical challenges – and we love a good challenge because it inspires us to get extra creative.  Our process never leaves things to guesswork.  When we discovered that the bed, as originally designed, could not be brought up the stairs or through the windows, we had to go back to the drawing board (literally) to custom design a version that would fit.


custom furnishings process

L to R: Verifying stairwell and doorway dimensions; studio drawing of the custom pieces and parts; Ironware‘s workshop with assembly pre-shipment.




  // Master Bedroom roman shades & softgoods

                Tailored, functional, bespoke.  We designed the window treatments and pillows to complement the quietly sophisticated scheme in the master bedroom.  Troubleshooting tricky corners and sourcing one-of-a-kind details makes all the difference.


huntley & co softgoods

Top: Detailed site measures and schematic review; finished product!  Bottom: A pillow workorder; a treasure chest of trim; a well-styled bed.


Stay tuned — Next week we’ll bring this project full circle and share our install with you!  And in case you missed the other West End posts, check them out here and here.

xo, Huntley & Co.

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One of our favorite Huntley & Co. projects this year was for a young couple who hired us to design and renovate their newly purchased townhouse in the West End neighborhood of Washington.  Much to our delight, the duo brought a combination of sophistication and excitement to the endeavor.  Translating that into a concept and then into a finished product was a multi-step process — and worth every minute.  

* * *


Our clients inspired a decidedly cosmopolitan aesthetic.  Accordingly, we imagined an eclectic mix of vintage and antique furnishings, unexpected stone and tile, and layers of complex colors and tones.  As shown below, the mood board we created conveyed our idea of an elevated yet spirited home – a true classic that’s never boring.

huntley & co. west end concept

Selected photos clockwise from top left: Cartier Tank watch via Goop; Timothy Corrigan vignette; a crisp Madrid living room by Isabel Lopez-Quesada; a bedroom from Architectural Digest; a corner of Sandra Nunnerley’s home featuring “Diamond” artwork by Kenneth Noland; an austere and elegant marble bathroom.


The start of a project is full of excitement and potential.  Before diving into design, we take time to fully understand both the space and the client.  On the technical side, we site measure the building and generate CAD drawings for study and revision.  On the conceptual side, we issue a questionnaire and cull images related to our clients’ answers.  The questions range from pedestrian to abstract and are intended to give us practical information as well as insight into their lifestyle and aesthetic.  

          // Question & Answer

                A two page questionnaire sheds light on what’s important.

huntley and company interior design concept

The client questionnaire is a key part of our initial survey and analysis.

          // Pulling Together a Visual Story

                We pull images that reference our clients’ feedback … and they share photos as well.

places and travel concept


TRAVEL // From a honeymoon spot to favorites in Paris and NYC, these hotels topped our client’s list.  L to R: Royal Mansour Marrakesh; George V in Paris; The NoMad Hotel in NYC.

film concept

FILM // Playful, witty and adventurous.  L to R: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking BarrelsAmélie; The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

music and mood concept huntley and co interior design

MUSIC // Eclectic and soulful music that bridges time and genres including the Hamilton soundtrack and Carla Bruni’s album, Quelqu’un m’a dit.

fashion concept

FASHION // Classic, all-American cool c/o Vince, J. Crew and Celine.

fixtures and furnishings concept huntley & co interior design

INTERIORS // Rich and sleek.  Warm and bright.  Tailored and organic.  L to R: Interior by Joseph Dirand includes works by Anish Kapoor, Pierre Jeanneret and Paavo Tynell;  Patricia Urquiola collection for Georg Jensen; a sculptural Alvar Aalto chair; master suite cabinetry seen on Pinterest.

* * *


We love the conceptual stage of a project.  Engaging in a thorough deep dive to excavate both the practical and the magical is the difference between a good project and a great one.  Stay tuned for our next post where we transition into design development and project management — when we make the concept a reality.

xo, Huntley & Co.

Looking Back / Looking Forward

2017 was quite a year.  Despite all the drama, trauma and homegrown insanity in the world – there was plenty of good to celebrate at Huntley & Co.  Leave it to design to keep our spirits up.  We’re looking back at a great year and looking ahead to even bigger and better things in the 12 months to come.  Stay tuned!


– Traditional Home Designer Panel –

I talked design, business and keepin’ it real with Traditional Home at the Washington Design Center’s Spring Market.  Sharing the stage with 3 smart, sassy blondes – Tori Mellott, Liz Levin and Maria Crosby – was a treat.  #blondedesignmafia

Traditional Home Designer Panel Spring 2017 Washington DC

Tori Mellott & Tricia Huntley   Tricia Huntley

Tori Mellott & Tricia Huntley

Photos by © 2017 Kaz Sasahara (  All rights reserved.

– Washingtonian – 

Our petite pied-a-terre project at The Montrose was featured in Washingtonian magazine’s March issue.

Huntley & Co. Montrose project in Washingtonian Magazine


– Bethesda Installation – 

We redesigned and installed a family room in Maryland for one of our most beloved clients.  We had completed the majority of the house previously and have always enjoyed collaborating with the husband and wife.  The room had great bones, so we changed up the finishes and furnishings to complement its geometry and lift its spirit.  It lost it’s rigidity (thanks to plenty of sinuous shapes) and now has a healthy dose of verve.

Huntley & Co. project Bethesda, Maryland

Huntley & Co. project Bethesda, Maryland   Huntley & Co. project Bethesda, Maryland

Huntley & Co. project Bethesda, Maryland

– House Beautiful – 

I shared a favorite shade of green in House Beautiful‘s June COLOR section.  Bonsai Tint is the perfect summer hue.

House Beautiful June 2017

House Beautiful COLOR Tricia Huntley Sherwin Williams


– NOLA – 

In September I traveled to New Orleans for a design-filled weekend hosted by native Gretchen Everett.  We toured incredible homes, visited all the best antique stores, and of course, ate and imbibed.  It was fantastic!  The intimate view of New Orleans’ beauty and lifestyle had me seriously considering a move to The Big Easy.

Tricia Huntley NOLA 2017 Bremermann Designs   Tricia Huntley NOLA 2017 Kevin Stone Antiques   Tricia Huntley NOLA 2017   ann koerner Tricia Huntley 2017

Hope Goldman Meyer / Tricia Huntley photo 2017   Katie Koch Home / Tricia Huntley 2017   Appartique New Orleans / Tricia Huntley 2017

   Balzac Antiques / Tricia Huntley 2017      Marion Cage brass hardware / Tricia Huntley 2017   

Featured Above:  Ann Koerner Antiques, Appartique, Balzac Antiques, Bremermann Designs, Hope Goldman Meyer, Katie Koch Home, Marion Cage and Kevin Stone Antiques.

– The Celine in AD – 

My Celine Pendant for Ironware International was included in Architectural Digest’s list of things worth coveting.  Thank you AD – I’m a fan too! ; )

Celine Pendant Ironware International Tricia Huntley AD Magazine

Photo c/o

I hope the holidays treated you well and you are excited to tackle the year ahead! 

tricia huntley

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** all photos in this post are my own unless noted as otherwise

Art to Interior

I love art.  I considered curatorial studies for a time while in college.  During my first exhibit installation, however, I broke two large glass plates protecting a famous photographer’s work.  I concluded pretty quickly that “this is probably not for me”.   Still, my love affair continued well into my interior design degree and career.  There is almost no genre or medium that I don’t appreciate in some way.  A 1982 kinetic sculpture and an oil portrait from the 19th century can both stir my senses.  It follows then that artwork sometimes informs my designs.   


Essie, Ruby and Ferdinand – Children of Asher Wertheimer, 1902

 john singer sargent tate museum

It’s hard to not love Sargent.  His oil paintings are lush, moody and undeniably beautiful.  I chose this work as a jumping off point for a media principal’s office for its sophistication and intimacy.


The idea here is art as muse.  I pulled what spoke to me – the colors, tones, textures and emotions.  My design is an interpretation of the painting, not a copy of it.

 anteroom design by Huntley & Co.

Our client’s office is entered by way of an anteroom.  The space is a waiting area for visitors and serves as a buffer between her office and the staff workplace.  The finish selections and air of elegance are derived from the Sergent painting.  But as this is a modern woman’s office and a Huntley & Co. interior, we changed tack by mixing genres and funking up certain elements.

Tricia Huntley drawings for Luxe & Lucid

– plan & anteroom elevations –

office by Huntley & Co.

Office interior by Huntley & Co. Interior Design


Huntley & Co. elevations forLuxe & Lucid

– office elevations –

Our client is a businesswoman and loving mother.  She is worldly, feminine and capable – someone who is both interesting and interested.  Her combination of sophistication, warmth and strength is part of what has made her a success in her field.  With that in mind, we imbued her workspace with a similar sensibility and furnished it with antiques, modern European pieces and an impressive art collection.  We think Mrs. Asher Wertheimer would have approved.


tricia huntley

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Whatchu Lookin At?

Vicente Wolf published a book sometime back called Learning to See’.  I have always thought that was such a meaningful title.  Seeing (and looking, fundamentally) is at the heart of a creative person.  What drives artistic and design-minded individuals is a desire to seek out and study what’s interesting, beautiful and/or weird about the stuff of the world.

I’m no exception; I never stop culling the visual data around me.  And I have no shame when it comes to capturing what I see on film.  I’ll lie down on the sidewalk or crawl in the dirt if I see something worth photographing.  Inspiration for my designs can be found in all kinds of places: museums, parks or city streets.  It doesn’t matter if I’m looking at a Rodin sculpture or the bark of a tree.  Cultivating one’s oeuvre (i.e. learning to see) means looking EVERYWHERE, even in the most unlikely of places.

texture - tricia huntley / huntley & co.

– 3 unique versions of texture –

Left to right:  DIY lattice on a courtyard door in LA; Crepe Myrtle bark in my neighborhood; a broken plate art installation at the 2016 AD Design Show.

statue national gallery of art - tricia huntley / huntley & co.

Masterfully carved tassels and lace details on a marble statue at the National Gallery of Art.

curliques - tricia huntley photo


– a sophisticated collection of swirls and curlicues –

Clockwise from top left:  A frozen puddle in West Virginia; an antique carved marble table top at the State Department; an Art Deco planter on a Kansas City sidewalk; an ornamental fabric necklace in a London shop; a felt jewelry display at Anthropologie.

finishes - tricia huntley / huntley & co.

Left:  Faux finish inspiration discovered at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  Right:  A sample of Japanning at the Geffrye Museum in London.

crystal from colorado - tricia huntley / huntley & co.

A large mineral sample on display at a mining museum in Creede, Colorado.

So many photos and so little time.  This post could have been a mile long, so instead, you can expect a Part II, Part III and maybe even a Part IV of Whatchu Lookin At?  Until next time — look, see and soak it all up!

tricia huntley

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I love the colors associated with Valentine’s Day.  Red, garnet, blush, pink, plum — they’re all so delicious and sexy.  This is a palette that seduces in design, fashion, and even nature.   I suggest that you soak in the gorgeous inspiration of our post today, especially if you are spending the holiday sans sig-other.  There is no balm for the soul like beauty.  Well, that and a really good bottle of pinot noir and dark chocolate. 

Huntley & Co. Interior Design Washington DC

Valentine's Day color interior design inspiration

Huntley & Co. Interior Design Washington DC


tricia huntley


** Sources/links for the photos above can be found on our Pinterest page … along with other Valentine’s Day inspiration.


The Edgemoor sunroom has been installed!  Installation days are such a highlight for interior designers.  They represent the culmination of months of hard work, careful planning and patience.  Considering this project started in the summer of 2015, we were thrilled to see the room finally come to life.  So it is with great delight that we report that the room is even more beautiful than we expected.  We always have an idea of how an interior will look, but we can’t necessarily anticipate how it will feel.  Being in a space where the architecture, the decor and the surroundings truly sing makes all the trials and tribulations of the previous months disappear.  We’re thrilled and our clients are thrilled.  Santa couldn’t have brought us a better present for the holidays.  Enjoy!

white box lp

|| Pre-Install Site Review ||

white box lp

We scoped out the site the day before to ensure that there were no surprises on install day.  Thanks to the contractor, all of the construction debris had been removed and the floors and glass were clean.  This is a small, but important detail when delivering a room full of fresh, new [and valuable] furnishings.  And with a blank slate before us, we were finally able to appreciate all of the beautiful architectural lines and the gracious volume of space.

Huntley & Co. site visit - installation preview

white box lp

|| Design is [not] glamorous ||

white box lp

Installations requires a mix of muscle, troubleshooting and finesse.  Pillows get fluffed, furniture placement tweaked, and motorized curtains programmed and dressed.  One of the trickier exercises of the day was hanging the porcelain Fenella Elms artwork.  Both delicate and heavy — and weighing in at well over 100 lbs — it took four men and two very nerve-wracking attempts to hang it on the wall.  Needless to say, we all gave a cheer and a generous sigh of relief once it was in place.

Huntley & Co. Edgemoor installation in progress

Fenella Elms artwork in Huntley & Co. project

white box lp

|| A Beautiful Finish ||

white box lp

Just as we were finishing the installation, the sun came out and cast an ethereal light into the room giving it a magical sparkle.  The shadows danced off the porcelain artwork, the plaster walls, and the mother of pearl inlay on the pedestal table top.  Simultaneously, the light saturated the drapery with warmth and illuminated the dramatic skylight overhead.  Enveloped by so much natural beauty, it’s easy to envision spending hours in this space lounging, reading, socializing or napping.


white box lp

|| Taking Care ||

white box lp

Our work here is done!  Well, almost.  Installations require guidance regarding the care and maintenance of the space.  We strive to ensure our client’s satisfaction by giving them the tools they need to enjoy their homes for years to come.  Our care packages vary depending on the scope of a project and specific needs of the client.  However, they generally include care and maintenance instructions, mechanical specifications and a paint+finish schedule.  In this particular case, we also included a separate artwork care package.  The art we installed is fragile and valuable, so we provided our clients with handling instructions along with extra porcelain pieces.  And of course, we packaged it beautifully in a Huntley & Co. box with ribbon – something befitting the showstopper art piece itself.

Huntley & Co. installation care package

white box lp

We hope you enjoyed following our Edgemoor series.  In case you missed anything, check out each phase here, here, here and here.  We will be signing off for the next few weeks to enjoy some R&R.  We will post again in 2017 with new installations, discoveries and our behind-the-scenes adventures.  Until then, Huntley & Co. — and our mascot Nina — wish you and yours the happiest of holidays!

white box lp

Nina - Huntley & Co. mascot

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Developing a thorough drawing set is critical to the success of all Huntley & Co. projects.  It’s the technical backbone of the design, ensuring precision and accuracy.   The Edgemoor sunroom features two expansive nano walls, a seamlessly integrated reflecting pool and a dramatic skylight.   With fenestrations composing 90% of the room, it was important to consider the furniture and its arrangement carefully.  We worked through an endless stream of floorplans to maximize circulation, engage the views and allow for both conversation and lounging.  And we selected pieces that spoke to a luxurious “camp” style (think Out of Africa or Lawrence of Arabia).  An abundance of comfort promises a room that is open, yet absolutely intimate.

white box lp

The Floorplan

It always starts with the floorplan; a birds-eye view provides a wealth of knowledge.  Drawing everything (walls, windows, doors, floor vents, etc.) to the exact measurement is critical.  Because an inch can be the difference between a flawless installation and a costly mistake.  white box lp

Huntley & Co. edgemoor sunroom floorplan

As shown in the floorplan above, pulling the furniture into the center of the room creates circulation space.

white box lp

— The Study of Furniture & Lighting 

Each and every piece that goes into our projects is vetted for size and scale.  We collaborate with our vendors to verify, and sometimes adjust, dimensions down to the 1/16″ — ensuring the best possible function and fit.

Huntley & Co. edgemoor furniture drawings

Drawings above include the custom console and sofas, pedestal table and the Huntley sconce from Urban Electric Co.

white box lp

— The Perspective Drawing 

Perspectives are exciting because they allow us to “pull a design up” and study the relationship between architecture and décor.  The Edgemoor sunroom is visually complex – from the dramatic skylight to all those windows – so it was important to implement décor that would complement, not compete with the envelope.  A neutral palette, low slung furnishings and layers of softness add the right amount of quiet.

edgemoor-sunroom_rendering_Huntley & Co.Our perspective drawing illustrates how open the sunroom becomes when the nano doors are retracted.  The layered rugs and sheer drapery panels at the perimeter help create intimacy.

white box lpwhite box lp

 A room like this is, without a doubt, a design challenge.  Generating meticulous drawings allowed us to tackle the project in an informed, confident manner.  With that, seeing our drawings “go vertical” during the construction process is when the real fun begins.  Well, typically.  Our next post will include on-site progress photos replete with a little unexpected drama.  Stay tuned!  

xo, Huntley & Co.

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white box lp





Our Edgemoor clients are long-time residents of Bethesda, a neighborhood of beautiful homes, large backyards, and gracious sidewalks.  A variety of architectural vernaculars decorate each tree-lined street thereby giving us license to explore a pastiche of design styles.  We devoted countless hours and many team meetings to perfecting the architectural and decorative intentions of their sunroom in order to craft a space with the perfect blend of traditional and modern styling.  It was especially relevant for us to carefully study how the new sunroom would meet and interact with the landscape, establishing a strong indoor/outdoor feel.

white box lp


white box lp

Huntley & Co. Interior Design Edgemoor renovation

The sunroom addition is quite modern and acts as a counterpoint to the traditional envelope of the house.   Because of the room’s strong geometry and metalwork, it was key that our interior selections complement and soften the space.

white box lp


white box lp

 Huntley & Co. Interior Design Washington DC

Textured linens, verdigrised metal, hand-molded porcelain and mother-of-pearl inlay are layered into the space.   Plaster walls, cerused oak, and embroidered trims also add to the tactile, warm design.

white box lp

This project has seen seasons come and go and reminds us that projects, especially of this caliber, take time.  Dozens of hands, ours included, have touched this space.  From architects and builders, landscape designers and decorative finishers, to a variety of workrooms and the clients themselves — the phrase “it takes a village” has become especially relevant.  We look forward to sharing more with you next week as we get one step closer to the big reveal!

xo, Huntley & Co.

* * *

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November is filled with anticipation as the holidays quickly approach and designers clamour to wrap up design projects.  At Huntley & Co., we have labored long and hard for one Bethesda client in particular and are eager to put the finishing touches on their remarkable sunroom renovation.  Our goal was to create a sculptural, textural space that elegantly captures the spirit of indoor/outdoor living.  We will be featuring work product and site photos for this sunroom-cum-lounge in the next several posts.  And we’ll reveal the installation around Thanksgiving, so just a little more patience!  To give you an idea of the inspiration behind our design, we’ve shared the Edgemoor Sunroom concept board below.  Wrap yourself up in the luxe imagery and escape.

Huntley & Co. edgemoor sunroom design concept

white box lpxo, Huntley & Co.

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